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We’re big believers in SME

In Bangladesh, entrepreneurs and small business owners believe in themselves. And at Baboi, we encourage these people to grow up and achieve their dreams. That’s why we offer business financing – with flexible repayment solutions.

Small Business Finance

  • Shariah Compliant Facility
  • Cash facilities
  • Amount: Minimum BDT 50,000 to Up to BDT 15 Lakhs
  • Tenor: 3 to 36 months
  • Risk-Based Financing Rate
  • No early settlement fee
  • No processing fee
  • No collateral security is required
  • A minimum of 2 years of business experience
  • Any Bangladeshi citizens aged 23 to 65 years

SME Invoice Finance

  • Valid invoice approved by paying company
  • The SME customer already completed the task mentioned in the invoice
  • Upto 90% Financing facilities
  • Tenor: at actual of payment date
  • No late payment charges applied
  • Clients collect a declaration sheet from the payer to direct payment to Baboi at maturity.
  • Ujrah charges applied

We're Making it Easy & Meaningful

BABOI is Bangladesh's first sharia-compliant and ethical business financing platform. Here, small businesses can access sharia-compliant business funding quickly and affordably.

4 Easy Steps of Getting Financing Facilities


Online KYC Form Fill-Up


Check Your Primary Eligibility


Submit Your Documents


Get Fund Disbursement

Who We Are

Baboi is Bangladesh's first ethical and shariah-compliant SME business financing platform. We help SME businesses to access digital financing facilities in line with Shariah.


End to End Shariah-compliant

Our services are certified by competent Shariah scholars & Islamic finance experts.


Simple - financial solution

We make it simple to enable entrepreneurs to focus on what’s important.


Profitable Investment Returns

We provide our business partners with a competitive return in Halal manner.


Active Customer Service Support

We provide exceptional customer support to clients and communities.

By definition, in an Islamic financial system, concerns about conformity to Islamic ethics dominate all other considerations. All transactions in an Islamic economic system must be governed by norms of Islamic ethics as enunciated by the Sharia. Hence, the Islamic financial system is, in itself, an ethical system.

Islamic finance refers to a financing system based on Islamic principles such as no interest-based products, transparency, fairness, risk-sharing products, and many other noble concepts.

BABOI is the first ethical & sharia-compliant business financing platform in Bangladesh. Here, small businesses can obtain sharia-compliant business financing quickly and easily. On the other hand, investors can generate attractive returns by funding ethical SMEs across various sectors.

We are offering Unsecured Business Finance & Invoice Finance solutions with an average ticket size up to BDT 15 Lakh and terms of up to 36 months.

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